about us
Drip Free is a professional waterless vehicle fleet cleaning company specialising in on-site valets. We pride ourselves with using only the best products on the market for your vehicle. Thus we have become distributors of the internationally acclaimed Pearl ® waterless car care range. This provides an opportunity for cleaning and vehicle cleaning professional's access to the best products available.

We have mobile units who provide an on-site vehicle cleaning service and make light work of our current contracts with the likes of Phakisa World. Our offering includes professional interior/exterior clean, valet service and product distribution, all of which is coupled with exceptional customer service.

We play an active role in water conservation and ensure that only biodegradable, environmentally friendly products are used in our vehicle cleaning. All our Pearl products are imported from the UK, manufactured and supplied in complete accordance of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accreditation. They are in full compliance with the latest EU directives and supported by current MSDS documentation, thus making them completely safe for the user, the vehicle and the environment.

We also strive to provide employment for those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and have teamed up with Dreamworker, a charitable organisation who assists in placing those less fortunate in suitable employment.

Drip Free is serious about saving and conserving the environment and hence strive to give back to community through memberships and newspaper articles encouraging water saving.

The challenge we face is to educate the consumer about our finite environment resources, especially the copious amounts of fresh drinking water wasted in vehicle cleaning. Unfortunately traditional methods are still preferred over new waterless vehicle cleaning methods. We understand scepticism from a consumer point of view that washing your vehicle without the use of water might potentially scratch and damage your car. However, our products are designed to lift the dirt hydrostatically and encapsulate it which proves to ensure lasting protection of vehicle paintwork. It will therefore NOT scratch your car. Traditional vehicle cleaning methods are actually more prone to scratching vehicles as many are washed using the same bucket and sponge before the water is actually changed.

We strongly urge and hope that government initiatives and campaigns are created to ensure public awareness of alternative greener methods which does not cost the earth. Our products are in many cases far more affordable than traditional car wash products.

We see major opportunities for our business not only as a distributor of our products but as leading vehicle cleaning professionals and first choice to companies with fleets of vehicles who strive for greener ways of doing business.