Pearl Waterless Car Wash Professional
Pearl Waterless Car Wash Professional Price: R 360.25 (excl VAT) for 5L (Ready to use)
Price: R 1119.36 (excl VAT) for 25L (Ready to use)

Totally ground breaking Environmentally and User Friendly waterless car wash that can be used to clean and highly polish any part of the vehicle.
This unique pleasantly fragranced formula enables the user to clean and polish the whole car exterior anywhere without water or compromising on achieving the ultimate showroom finish.

Pearl Professional Waterless Car Valeting formula completely gives you the waterless freedom to clean and polish your full car exterior anytime, any place and everywhere the waterless green way.

Water based product contains high grade polymers, wetting agents and lubricants. Cleans, details and polishes all exterior surfaces with average usage of 100 - 150ml per treatment. Free from all abrasives, phosphates, bleach, solvent, petroleum, acids and any other harmful ingredients. Removes light oxidation, light water spots and traffic film and delivers a deep high gloss shine.

Perfect for new and older vehicles - use as a weekly maintenance/cleaning product ideal for re-cleans, service wash, pitch and showroom vehicles.

Available in RTU (Ready to use) and Concentrate 5L, 25L.

Directions for use: Shake well before use. Quick and easy to apply simply spray initially onto a clean folded microfibre cloth to moisten. Then spray evenly on to the area to be cleaned, gently wipe off from target area and then quickly buff the same area with a second folded microfibre cloth to a beautiful shine. Continue process until you have effortlessly cleaned and polished the entire vehicle. Used in conjunction with Pearl Universal enables you to clean the whole exterior and interior of the vehicle. Do not use on: Porous surfaces such as cabriolet soft tops, carpets and fabrics, excessive baked on brake dust and foot pedals - use Universal Cleaner (Do not use products on heavy caked on mud).

How does the Pearl® Waterless Car Wash and Polish system work:

Pearl Waterless Professional formula instantly encapsulates and emulsifies the dirt and grime particles on contact, which then allows the microfibre cloth to rapidly absorb and lift all the liquefied soils away from the surface without scratching the paintwork, safely forming a protective barrier between the dirt and the paintwork, preventing it from coming into contact with the vehicle surface again. The special unique ingredients impart an outstanding shiny, anti-static gloss finish which water will bead on.

This ultra polished non-stick surface repels the dirt and dust ensuring your vehicle stays cleaner for that much longer. Repeated use of Professional will ensure your paintwork stays cleaner and protected for longer from those harmful manufactured and natural elements as they will not bond to the paintwork as easily.