Pearl Waterless Car Wash Universal
Pearl Waterless Car Wash Universal Price: R 158.28 (excl VAT) for 5L (Ready to use)
Price: R 425.04 (excl VAT) for 25L (Ready to use)

All in one cleaner for mag wheels, ingrained insects and tough stains.
Additional capabilities include anti-fogging technology ideal for cleaning motorcycle safety helmet visors and internal helmet fabric, delivering a superior performance and finish.

Completely unique as it gives you the freedom and waterless flexibility to clean your vehicle absolutely anywhere and everywhere as you do not need any water.

Water based, fully biodegradable multi-surface cleaning product contains the highest quality ingredients including coconut oils which help to recondition surfaces. Perfect for interior and exterior use, this extremely versatile multi-purpose cleaning product has superior capabilities: leather, fabric, carpet & upholstery cleaner, fabric spot remover, glass cleaner, outstanding on alloys, plastic, rubber, and so much more. Tackles heavier duty clean up jobs such as removing brake dust, bird lime, tree sap, ingrained insects and engine degreasing, picking up where Advanced Ultra Nano, Professional and Eco Tyre shine leave off.

Free from all abrasives, phosphates, bleach, solvent, petroleum, acids and any other harmful ingredients. Universal is extremely tough on dirt but sensitive on surfaces and the environment.

Available in RTU (Ready to use) and Concentrate 5L, 25L.

Directions for use: Lightly mist spray onto folded microfibre cloth and area to be cleaned, leave for a few seconds to activate, then wipe over target area with pre-moistened cloth and wipe with clean dry cloth to remove and lift substance. For heavier soilage on fabrics spray on target area and agitate with a soft brush and wipe with microfibre cloth. On exterior surfaces do not attempt to clean caked on dirt or heavy mud which may contain grit, sand or any other abrasive substance.